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Mayumi Seto

Research field

Feedback regulations between organisms and physico-chemical conditions, Roles of organisms in biogeochemical cycles

Research interests

Mayumi Seto is Assistant Professor in Mathematical Biology Group. She received her M.A. in Science of Resources and Environment at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, and completed her Ph.D in Earth and Planetary Sciences at Kyushu University. She did post-doctoral studies at Ehime University and at National Institute for Environmental Studies. Her researches on mathematical models are aiming (1) to clarify the role of microorganisms in material cycles, and following changes in physico-chemical conditions; (2) to establish better environmental risk assessment of chemical pollution. For more information, please visit

Selected publications

  1. Seto, M. and Iwasa, Y. (2011) Regime shift and robustness of organism-created environments: a model for microbial ecosystems, Journal of Theoretical Biology, 269, 297 - 306
  2. Seto, M. and Handoh, I.C. (2009) Mathematical explanation for the hydrophobicity-dependent bioconcentration of persistent organic chemicals in phytoplanktons, Chemosphere, 77(5), 679-686
  3. Seto, M. and Akagi, T. (2008) Chemical condition for the appearance of a negative Ce anomaly in stream waters and groundwaters, Geochemical Journal, 42, 371 - 380
  4. Seto, M. and Akagi, T. (2007) Coexistence introducing regulation of environmental conditions, Journal of Theoretical Biology, 247, 267 - 274
  5. Seto, M. and Akagi, T. (2005) Influence of snow on iron release from soil, Geochemical Journal, 39, 173 - 183
  6. Seto, M. and Akagi, T. (2005) Daisyworld inhabited with daisies incorporating a seed size / number trade off: the mechanism of negative feedback on selection from a standpoint of the competition theory, Journal of Theoretical Biology, 234, 167 - 172

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