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Katsuyuki Noguchi

Research field

Earth and planetary atmospheres

Research interests

Study of thermal structure of Martian atmosphere

The vertical profiles of temperature and pressure of Martian atmosphere have been obtained by successive spacecrafts orbiting Mars by radio occultation technique. Such measurements can provide a basic information on the thermal structure of Martian atmosphere. I am focusing on the condensation of CO2 in the martian atmosphere and its mechanism.

Monitoring of air pollution by satellites

Recently it has been recognized that the measurement by satellites is a powerful tool to monitor air pollution on a regional/global scale. Satellite measurements revealed the long-term trend over developing countries/regions and the transport of air pollutants over continent, and gave some suggestions of the candidates of the sources and the mechanisms of emissions of air pollutants. I am analyzing the satellite data of air pollutants, especially NO2, which is one of the most important air pollutants and is emitted in the processes of high-temperature combustions of fuels, e.g., from vehicles and power plants.
I am also involved in the projects developing the new spaceborne sensors for a geostationary satellite and International Space Station (ISS). Mainly I am contributing to the feasibility studies using numerical simulations.

Selected publications

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