Department of Information and Computer Science

Makoto Kuji

Research field

Meteorology, Atmospheric radiation, Remote sensing

Research interests

I am interested in atmospheric radiation and remote sensing of the atmosphere such as cloud, aerosol, and water vapor which are most influential in the atmospheric environment on the earth. I am working on an algorithm development to retrieve cloud and aerosol properties from the remote sensing data in conjunction with space agencies, and so on. The analysis of meterological and remotely sensed data to understand the atmospheric environment is one of the most interesting research themes which I am working on with my students.

Selected publications

  1. Comparison of Cloud Top Altitudes from Passive and Active Remote Sensors onboard ER-2 during TC4 M. Kuji, S. Platnick, M. D. King, G. T. Arnold, G. Wind, M. McGill, W. D. Hart, D. L. Hlavka, R. E. Holz A. Deepak Publishing 2009 1100 474-477
  2. Characteristics of sulfate haze over East Asia retrieved with satellite and ground-based remote sensing data Makoto Kuji , Sachiko Hayashida, Masataka Shiobara, Masanori Yabuki, Keiichiro Hara, Hiroshi Kobayashi, Tadahiro Hayasaka , and Shinsuke Satake Proceedings of SPIE 2006 6408 1-8
  3. Retrieval of cloud geometrical properties using ADEOS-II/GLI data for radiation budget studies M. Kuji and T. Nakajima Proceedings of SPIE 2005 5979 1-10
  4. Retrieval of Asian dust amount over land using ADEOS-II / GLI near UV data Makoto Kuji, Noriko Yamanaka, Sachiko Hayashida, Motoaki Yasui, Akihiro Uchiyama, Akihiro Yamazaki, and Teruo Aoki SOLA 2005 1 33-36
  5. Retrieval of precipitable water using near infrared channels of Global Imager / Advanced Earth Observing Satellite-II (GLI / ADEOS-II) Makoto Kuji and Akihiro Uchiyama J. Remote Sens. Soc. Japan 2002 22 149-162

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